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Dalry Road - The Stories

Standing Here

Writing is sometimes part subconscious. In this case, I realised after penning this one down that it was actually a letter to myself, a four year-old me, the boy that would grow into a man. Self reflective and honest, this song is what I had to say in giving my younger self advice... 

Your Seat

I didn't expect to be writing a new song for the album on my birthday this year, but sometimes the creative process is involuntary and a song will just push its way up from your heart, to your head, and onto the page.


This tune is a retrospective on a past friendship from many years ago. It's about the vacant seat opposite, the one we all have reserved for that special person, but as life would have it, there is a twist to this tune.

Dalry Road

The inspiration for the album, this song tugs on the heart strings as I reflect on my memories of growing up on my parents farm on Dalry Road, in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia.

I'm sure everyone has memories not unlike these, and this song can easily transport you back to that "place inside your heart", and maybe you can re-discover some moments of your own.

Turn It Around

Our differences are part of what attracts us to each other, but it's also these differences that can present challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.


This song talks about this, and the importance of self-awareness.  

Waiting For The Sun

This song was picked up by Dreampool Productions, and used as the opening theme track for a major National TV show on Network Ten/OneHD, and played overseas on cable TV.

The song talks about how one finds hope in a difficult situation. 


A song partly inspired by the passing of my dog in my late teens, and the environment at the time growing up on my parents farm in the Yarra Valley.


I played this a lot back in the day with my band at the time, Foreign Language, and I re-recorded it for release on Dalry Road.

It's one of my personal favourites, slickly produced as a single and a vocal performance that I'm really proud of.   


It took me a long time to actually be able to enjoy this song, but I have certainly grown and reached a place where I really enjoy listening to this song now and performing it. 

One of my favourite songs to play live, I can now tap the emotion behind this and celebrate the growth and the memories, and not the pain. Always a crowd pleaser, this song really kicks along when we do this live! 

Pink and Blue

Pink and Blue about a guy and a girl. A romantic relationship, and everything that comes with. It's honest, revealing, and about a situation that I gave away far too much of myself to.

I really enjoy this song, as it reminds me of how happy I am now that is all behind me.

Taken Away

Written back in my 20's, this song is about taking risks, getting uncomfortable, biting the bullet, and saying "Yes" to whatever it is that you have been saying no to, and with conviction!

Another great song to play live with the band, yes always gets people to "move" - which really goes to the heart of the lyrics! 

The Last Time

I had a dear friend that took their life into their own hands, entirely unexpectedly and under very difficult circumstances. This song talks about the overwhelming feelings and emotions you are left with; how I didn't see the signs, how I never got to say goodbye, all the things I never got to tell them, how they never got to see their partner again and how they will never see their children grow old.


It was bloody hard work getting this one out onto paper. I thought it would help me come to terms with it, and maybe only after it's release and when I present this song to their partner and family, will I know the answer to that.   

Taken Away was written after my grandpa Langdon passed away.

I always felt close to Pa Langdon, and loved hearing his stories, he's dreams and ideas. I reflected on this and also the way in which he went about his life, as it unfolded, and decided to pen this down. 

The Moon and You

My most recent song write and addition to Dalry Road, this song felt to me like it was going to be about unrequited love, but then  when I weighed it all up, I couldn't arrive at that conclusion. 


What I do know, is it explores how profoundly connected two people can be, how magical that alignment is, and how the universe played a role in bringing this love about.

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