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Simon Langdon's 'Dalry Road': A Musical Journey Of The Heart

Let's dive into the world of Simon Langdon, a Melbourne-based music artist with a story to tell. Simon's journey in music started young, with tunes filling his home on Dalry Road in the Yarra Valley. This background, rich with melodies from various genres and family musicians, inspired him to create music that connects and transports people emotionally.





Simon's music stands out because he brings his unique voice and creativity to everything he does. Whether he's singing, playing instruments, or producing music, Simon puts all of his heart into his work. His songs are known for their deep lyrics, catchy rhythms, memorable hooks, and the kind of indie-pop vibe that makes you feel like you're at a music festival – the perfect choice for a long country drive with the top down.

Simon Langdon's forthcoming album and independent release, "Dalry Road", is a heartfelt collection that narrates his journey from childhood on his parents' farm in the Yarra Valley to current times. This album encapsulates a variety of experiences and emotions, with 8 out of the 12 songs recorded over the past 18 months, many within this year. Additionally, an acoustic demo of all the songs was recorded during the COVID lockdown at Simon's farm, which he plans to release as a follow-up. This collection promises a blend of personal storytelling and musical exploration.


Simon Langdon's "Dalry Road" album, due to drop mid 2024, is a deeply personal project with various themes and emotions. Each song captures a unique aspect of his life experiences.


From reflections on his younger self, past relationships and life experiences, to memories of growing up on Dalry Road, the album weaves a rich tapestry of human emotion and experience.


Songs like "Your Seat" explore past friendships with a twist, while "Dalry Road" tugs at the heartstrings with nostalgia. "Turn It Around" delves into the complexities of relationships, and "Waiting for the Sun" embodies hope. "Mystified" is a tribute influenced by personal loss, and "Yes" champions taking risks.

"The Last Time" poignantly reflects on unexpected loss, "Rain" celebrates growth and overcoming pain, and "Pink and Blue" revisits the lessons learned from a past relationship. "Taken Away" is an homage to his grandfather, and his most recent creation "The Moon and You" explores real love and the profound connection between two people.

"Dalry Road" is more than an album; it's a bridge to Simon Langdon's heart and life journey. Each song is a key to understanding not just Simon's personal evolution but also the universal experiences of growth, loss, love, and self-discovery.

Whether it's reflecting on advice to one's younger self, navigating the complexities of relationships, finding hope in dark times, or celebrating the bittersweet memories of loved ones, listeners will find a piece of themselves in Simon's stories. This album invites you to reconnect with your own memories and emotions, making it a deeply relatable and moving experience.


Powered by deep musical and personal connections, Simon Langdon's artistry has garnered significant acclaim and a growing fanbase.

His 2023 hit, "Pink and Blue," has captivated listeners, amassing over 360,000+ Spotify streams since its debut on May 28. Further cementing his impact in the music world, Simon's melodious creation and guitar driven, "Waiting for the Sun," has graced television screens both in Australia and internationally. For over a decade, this track was the chosen theme for a popular TV show, showcasing Simon's ability to create music that resonates widely and endears itself to a diverse audience. Simon's journey is more than a series of releases; it's a story of connecting with listeners through music that speaks to the heart and soul.


Simon Langdon's deep-seated passion for music intertwines seamlessly with his commitment to positively impacting the world. By uplifting others, advocating for mental health, and crafting music that genuinely moves the soul, Simon transcends the typical boundaries of an artist. His melodies and hook-driven music, echoing across Australia and beyond, are not just sounds but powerful messages that advocate change and personal growth. As he continues using his talent and platform for meaningful causes, Simon Langdon exemplifies music's profound and transformative power, touching hearts and inspiring minds everywhere.


Follow Simon Langdon on Instagram @simonlangdonmusic to stay connected and immerse yourself in his musical journey. Explore his captivating melodies on his Spotify artist page and discover his world on his official website.

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